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The NK-9 Beater


Something new.
The world's first spring-loaded drum beater.
Featuring a sleek high-quality machined patented design.

The Design Process:

It took 2 years, 8 prototypes, and hundreds of hours working with a highly trained machinist to arrive at the 9th and final prototype, the NK-9.
Everything was taken into consideration, including material, weight, and reliability.
The NK-9 is machined in the USA and hand-assembled to our exact specifications, and uses a patented design.
How It Works:
Our patented spring technology gives you faster rebound and allows the drum head to resonate more fully, producing a superior sound.
The rounded beater face means the NK-9 will work with any pedal while delivering maximum punch.
The included weight allows even more customization.
Why it's better:
More rebound means more responsiveness. The NK-9 literally springs off the drum head.


Ninja Kick is Aaron and Molly Krause.


Aaron has been a drummer for 21 years. He's played every genre from pop-punk to jazz to metal.

Molly has been a small business owner for 8 years and has a talent for words and design. She has been listening to every genre for 34 years.

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