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Why not? We are interested in pushing the boundaries, limits, and ideas of existing percussion gear. We are forward focused and extremely interested in what the future holds for drumming and drum gear.


How does it work?

The spring causes the beater to have better response off the drum head, particularly when playing doubles or fast singles. They can also provide more power as well as less fatigue.


Is there some sort of spring between the beater head and the post?

Yes! That's exactly what makes the NK-9 revolutionary. The spring provides extra rebound while playing.


Are they made in the USA?

Yes. The spring is from a local manufacturer, the plastic is machined at a local machine shop, and they are hand assembled at Ninja Kick Headquarters (aka: Aaron's workshop).

What are these made out of? Is the entire thing metal?

The only metal (besides the rod) is the spring. The rest is machined plastic.


Seems like you might go through a lot of heads. Is that an issue?

That depends on the head and how hard you play. If you hit hard, then you should definitely use a batter patch/pad with the NK-9.


How long did this take to develop?

The NK-9 took 9 prototypes over 3 years to develop. We spent a year in product testing with drummers spanning a range of styles and equipment.



How would this do for drummers that bury their beater when the play? Wouldn't it cause more unintended bounce?


It buries very well, especially when the felt is used. Any unintended bounce would be from head tension and technique.


I definitely want a solid feel from my kick and not too much weight on the rebound. How much do these weigh?

The beater alone (not including the adjustable weight) is 78 grams. The weight adds about 20 grams, so when it's positioned all the way up it's weight is the same as a DW 2 sided beater. It has a solid feel.


How well do you think this would work for a fast death metal drummer using triggers on a super tight batter head?

It would work perfectly! One of our testing drummers had that same setup and he loves them.


Is there any noise from the spring?

No, the spring does not make any noise. We actually tried quite a few springs, and some didn’t work for exactly that reason.



How did you choose the spring for the design? Was it the spring that was the most aesthetically pleasing?


The NK-9 is called the NK-9 because it was the 9th prototype. We tried out quite a few spring during the 3 years of development, and this one offered the best balance of sound and rebound. It just happened to be also aesthetically pleasing. :)


Why isn’t there a discount for two beaters?

Our pricing is determined by our manufacture cost per beater. Each beater is at the lowest possible cost while still providing a profit. We are a small family-run business and Aaron has been drumming for 25 years. We understand the value of a dollar and how the cost of getting gear can add up quick. We feel our product is of the highest quality, that you will be extremely happy with the end result, and that our price is fair.

How can I get one for free / become sponsored?

We are always interested in getting our beater out to a wider audience. If you've got a solid social media presence, or an audience of any sort, then shoot us an email with all your details and we'll see if you are a fit for our pro-program. Otherwise we aren't quite at the size where we can offer a lot of free product. Be sure to sign up for the mailing list to keep up on changing opportunities, contests, and sales.

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