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"Trying out the @ninjakickpercussion beaters and I love them! Great design and feel, going to play them for a while and then compare the rebound difference to other beaters, but so far it definitely feels like I get more throw on my strokes. "
Charlie Engen - Scale the Summit
"The NK-9 was created for me...
Between the engineering and the aesthetics it's the beater I've been waiting for and finally found. 
It helps execute complex and quick bass drum patterns with ease. The NK-9 has enough weight to give those 1's and 3's heft and the spring can also give you grace when you need that light touch on a dynamically sensitive part.
It looks like a piece of art but it's an incredible tool to add to your setup and it's made with high quality components right here in the USA!
I couldn't have asked for more."
-Daniel Lasek
Junkee Girl
Formerly of Atlas Moth
"If you play aggressive music, you will love these beaters! The lightweight design allows faster playing. They deliver massive attack and punch that will make your kick cut through the mix, in live and studio settings. " -Ivan Dunki
Hello Weekend
I used the Ninja Kick last night at a jazz jam session, and I really like the feel. I use a lot of heel-toe technique on the bass drum, and I can tell you firsthand that this beater is really fast. Three other guys played my kit and they all had good things to say about Ninja Kick. Give it a try!
Michael Harris - The Drummers Mind
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